For collectors of vintage haute couture, there is one name that especially stands out as a must have label. That name is of course Chanel. Coco Chanel’s iconoclastic designs continue to be a driving inspirational force to designers across the fashion industry. Museums, galleries, wealthy elites, movie stars, and design archivists all continually scramble to collect vintage Chanel items.

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In recent years the antique industry has even joined the hunt as many Chanel evening dresses reach an age at which they hold true historical value to collectors beyond the fashion world. Auctions around the world feature Chanel clothes and the designs are highly sought after by many lovers of superior craftsmanship. The luxurious finishing details and careful attention paid to every aspect of the design process is what makes this apparel so desirable. The House of Chanel is still place don a pedestal above all others.

These pieces are highly profitable and collecting them can even be a lucrative enterprise when managed by the right hands. The older these pieces get the rarer they become, and pieces which remain in fine condition are hard to come by. Even relatively newer Chanel pieces are desirable for their quality workmanship though. The labor intensive manufacture of haute couture of this caliber is unrivaled.

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